Best RIMC Coaching in Chandigarh: Both male and Female applicants may apply for admission to the 8th level at RIMC – Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC). The two sessions will both allow admission. Candidates must pass the written test and interview to be admitted to the RIMC. Candidates who pass the written test will then go through the interview process. The official website,, will provide all information regarding future events.

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Scroll down the page to learn more about RIMC Admission. Coaching at Rashtriya Military School and RIMC nearby. The best school in Chandigarh for preparation for the RIMC Entrance Exam is RN Defence Academy. Aspirants get access to online and offline classes for the RIMC Entrance Exam. Study Guides, Practice Tests, and Previous Year’s Solutions for the RIMC Entrance Exam are available through RN Defence Academy. advice from former army officers.

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Rashtriya Indian Military College Exam, also known as the RIMC exam, is a semi-annual entrance test. Rashtriya Indian Military College, or RIMC, is an institution that falls within the Indian Defense Category A establishments. To prepare Indian boys for enrollment into the Defense Services, the exam is being held. The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Dehradun, holds an entrance exam to select applicants for its eighth-grade batch of students.

The application period for RIMC Admission will open in January and close in July, respectively. For admission, candidates must pass a medical exam, an interview, and a written test in addition to written test. Please be aware that both girls and boy candidates are eligible for admission. The RIMC Dehradun releases the application forms in an offline manner. Students must submit their applications to their respective state governments after receiving the form. On this page, comprehensive information on the admissions procedure is presented.

What Is RIMC?

The Ministry of Defense’s Inter Services Institute and Category A establishment, together with the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, the Officers’ Training Academy in Chennai, and the National Defense Academy in Khadakvasla, is the Rashtriya Indian Military College.

Key Points for RIMC Admission

  • Only application forms produced by the RIMC are accepted. Applications that are photocopied, produced locally, or lack the RIMC hologram will be outright refused.
  • Candidates who turned 13 as of January 1 or July 1 (depending on the session you’re applying for admission to) are ineligible.
  • Please keep in mind that candidates must submit their application materials to their state governments, not RMIC Dehradun.
  • The questions on the written admission exam will be from the English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge subjects.

NOTE: Under no circumstances will the application fee be returned once it has been submitted.


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The students are trained at the RN School, which is a very trustworthy and reputable institution. The instructors at Rashtriya Indian Military College RIMC coaching programs in Chandigarh and Punjab are knowledgeable and considerate. We offer quick summaries and other exam-related materials.

9 Tips For RIMC Entrance Exam

Solved Previous and Question Paper: If you use prior question papers to examine how the exam format will work, you can quickly have a sense of what to expect.

Update your academic and technical expertise: Making this decision can be useful throughout the interview. Interviewers frequently choose such technical questions. If you passed or are appearing in the sixth grade, the interviewer may ask you questions about your academic history.

Make Notes and Write: Create accurate notes on the notepad. Write down everything in your language. Words are simple to recall.

4 Stay Updated: Keep up with everything and all world news. Knowledge is a culmination of global news.

Develop Your Confidence and Oratory Skills: You should take this action. You will perform better in a personal interview, conversation, group activity, etc. if you are confident. Better oratory abilities will be helpful during the discussion, group project, etc. Spend some time slowly developing these traits within yourself each day. You’ll be astounded by how far it can go!

Schedule Management: Everything revolves around effectively using the time that has been allotted. Make an effort to perfect driving techniques to save time. Avoid wasting time trying to answer a question for which you have no solution. Instead, move on to the following question.

Try a mock exam: One of the finest ways to evaluate your skills is to use active question banks from prior years, sample papers, and mock exams. It will help you improve your response time on multiple-choice questions and help you finish your paper on time.

Enhance your general knowledge: To keep up with current technology, you must watch TV, read magazines, and read the newspaper.

  • This exam includes the New Current Affairs as a mandatory component. This portion requires focus if you want to pass the test and get excellent marks.
  • Utilizing television and news publications is the ideal technique to express gratitude for trying this work. Use these to stay current on issues relating to Current Affairs as well as National and International News.
  • Books by themselves won’t help you learn Current Affairs. When that happens, TV and the news are quite helpful!

Increase your practice: This is an example that we have all heard repeatedly: “Practice makes a man perfect.” This statement is accurate given that the key to success in this test is an independent action.

Why RN Defence Academy For RIMC Coaching In Chandigarh, India?

  • Faculty with expertise in teaching provide study materials for RIMC Coaching classes.
  • Regular GK classes that keep you current on Math shortcuts.
  • Weekly & Monthly Tests.
  • An ideal learning atmosphere with a fully furnished classroom.
  • Candidates who regularly take practice tests can better understand the format of the test.
  • conducting appropriate counseling and guidance sessions for the pupils every week.
  • To speed up the process and finish the exam on time, practice papers are provided.
  • Weekly sessions with veteran army officers on interview preparation, group debates, and grooming
  • sessions of inspiration to increase the candidate’s influence around the country.


The exam includes the following:

  1. Written Examination: Three subjects—English (125 marks), mathematics (200 marks), and general knowledge—make up the written portion of the test (75 marks). Answers to the math and general knowledge questions can be provided in both Hindi and English. An applicant must receive a minimum of 50% in each subject to be qualified.
  2. Viva Voce: To evaluate a candidate’s intelligence, personality, and confidence, the oral examination includes a 50-mark Viva Voce test. The required passing percentage is 50%.
  3. Medical Exam: Only those candidates judged to be medically fit will be considered for selection after all qualified candidates who passed the interview have undergone a medical examination at a designated military hospital.

RIMC Dehradun Admission Requirements

  • The candidates are urged to review the qualifying requirements given below before beginning the application process.
  • Only male applicants are permitted to apply.
  • Maximum Age
  • A boy should be at least 11 and a half years old. Additionally, the applicant cannot be older than 13 years old.
  • educational background
  • At the time of admission to RIMC Dehradun, candidates must either be enrolled in class VII or have completed class VII from a recognized school.
  • Health Fitness
  • According to the college’s established medical criteria, the boy must be in good health.
  • Application for Admission to RIMC
  • Only offline applications are accepted for admission to the Rashtriya Indian Military College in Dehradun in 2021. The application form is available in any of the following methods for applicants.

1 With the use of a demand draught

  • Interested candidates may get the prospectus cum application form along with a booklet of previous year’s question papers by sending a written request.
  • By filing a written request, interested candidates can obtain the prospectus/application form and a book of previous year’s test questions.
  • A demand draught for Rs. 600 (Rs. 555 for SC/ ST candidates) must be included with the written request.
  • Candidates who are SC or ST must enclose a copy of their caste certificate with their written request.
  • The application fee must be paid by demand draught made payable to “The commandant RIMC Dehradun” at the State Bank of India’s Tel Bhavan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (Bank Code: 01576).
  • Authorities will mail the application form and prospectus after receiving the request.
  • The applicants must then accurately complete the application form with their information.
  • The properly completed application forms must be delivered to the appropriate state government before the last date.

2 Through online payment

  • By making the necessary payments online, applicants can also acquire the application form.
  • Candidates must go to the college’s website,, to pay the application costs online.
  • The candidates can pay the fees on the official website using a credit card, debit card, or net banking.
  • After the fee has been paid, the prospectus, an application form, and old test papers will be sent via rapid post.
  • The candidate may fill out the form and submit it to the appropriate state government after receiving it.

Application form submission requirements for supporting documents

  • The duly filled application form should be submitted along with the following papers.
  • two copies of the application form in the format required
  • Certificate of residence for the candidate’s birth certificate
  • The candidate’s SC/ST certificate
  • 2 photos the size of a passport
  • Original certificate signed by the principal of the current school, containing the candidate’s name, age, and the class the boy is enrolled in.

RIMC Entrance Card

  • The corresponding state government will release the RIMC Admission admit cards.
  • Candidates must access the state government’s official websites to download their admission cards.
  • The date, time, and location of the admission exam are all listed on the admit card.
  • All applicants must have their admit cards on them when they arrive at the testing location to access the examination room.
  • Please be aware that the boys who pass the written test will receive separate call letters for an interview (viva-voce).

RIMC Admission Test Format

  • Students may review the exam format below as they get ready for the RIMC Dehradun Admission entrance exam.
  • Offline examination method (Pen and Paper based examination)
  • Exam papers included: 2 (Paper 1 and Paper 2)
  • Exam time: four hours and thirty minutes (paper 1 and paper 2 will be conducted in two days)
  • Hindi or English is the exam’s language (Only English for the English section)
  • 400 maximum marks.

Results for RIMC Admission

  • The written exam result may be viewed by applicants on RIMC’s official website.
  • Students will be deemed qualified if they receive more than 50% in each of the three topics.
  • State-by-state merit lists of the selected candidates will be made public by the authorities. These merit lists will include each candidate’s name, the total number of points they received, as well as their overall score in each subject.
  • The chosen candidates will participate in an interview (viva-voce) in their respective states.

Selection Procedure for the Rashtriya Indian Military College

  • Aspirants who pass the written exam are eligible to participate in the interview (viva-voce).
  • During the viva, the student’s intelligence, personality, and self-assurance are evaluated.
  • Please be aware that the interview carries 50 points, and passing with at least 50% of those points is required.
  • The students’ respective state governments will inform them of details like the RIMC Interview 2021 date, time, and location.
  • The authorities will publish a final merit list following the interview by aggregating the candidate’s scores from the written test and the interview.
  • At particular military hospitals, applicants must pass a medical fitness exam before being accepted.
  • Those passing the medical exam will be qualified for admission to RIMC.
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Frequently Asked Questions By RIMC Aspirants:

Q1 How would you rate the RIMC campus’s facilities?

A: RIMC has modern, cutting-edge amenities like a library, a cybercafé, sports fields, and more.

Q2 Are there any student scholarships available?

A: The scholarships are indeed offered. For further information, see the RIMC website.

Q3 How has the RIMC admissions record performed for NDA admissions?

A: The success rate at RIMC is above 75%, which is great.

Q4 How many admissions seats are available, in total?

A: Typically, RIMC Dehradun accepts 50 students per year for admission (25 seats for each session)

Q5 Is it possible for me to apply online?

A: Online submission of the application form is not possible.

Q6 Who provides the Best RIMC Coaching In Chandigarh?

A: RISHI Sir is the best mentor here he himself cleared NDA, CDS, AFCAT (appeared for SSB 11 times)and now helping no of students to crack their defense exams from the last decade. Rishi Sir successfully accomplished MSc in Physics from Punjab University (Gold medalist).

He runs an institute under the name of RN DEFENCE ACADEMY CHANDIGARH moreover he produces topmost results not only in NDA but also in other defense exams like CDS, AFCAT, TA, IMU-CET. We not only provide written exam coaching but along with that, we provide SSB coaching also.

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